’M Art x Brewtiful Creativity

’M Art

MGM endeavors to tap art and culture into our everyday life, and explore with you from a completely different point of view. Art is not just the beauty itself but an inspiration to appreciate creativity with your inner eye. It helps us to step out of the boundaries of tradition, contemporary, science and art.

’M Art is a novel aesthetics space at MGM COTAI, designed for Chinese Contemporary Art. It is where conversation is made across boundaries, where aesthetic and creativity intertwine. It creates a perfect platform for art enthusiasts of different background and age to innovate beyond reality, and at the same time help facilitating the development of art and culture.

At ’M Art, we can innovate and cultivate inspiration through dialogues, and experience the wondrous in life with colorful arts surrounding us.

Brewtiful Creativity

Coffee, a vital daily element in this fast-paced world, Whereas ink, that has been circulating since ancient Chinese art and culture for thousands of years. when coffee collides with ink, a creative chemical reaction awaits.

At ’M Art, Paintings by Chloe Ho from the Chairman’s Collection will be presented. Chloe’s works infuse with coffee and depict the beauty of nature. With the splashes of emotional ink, the sense of freedom, comfort and serenity escalate. The works show the artist’s understanding of Chinese culture, while it technically demonstrates her vitality and contemporary use of traditional skills. A perfect example of Integrating art into life, we showcase the possibilities of artistry in life, and creating endless innovation.

To explore the amazing aesthetic journey with all the art enthusiasts, we are coupling with local artist and different organizations , and created a series of coffee infusion workshop. Brewtiful Creativity showcases the splendor of traditional Chinese Ink Painting in a simple yet profound way.

Brewtiful Fun x Local artist SKIC Cheok

  • Create unique postcards with splashes of coffee
  • Hand paint your adorable images of animals or favorite spots under the guidance of local artist SKIC Cheok
  • Submerge and inspire in the scent and color of coffee
  • Appreciate the metamorphosis of traditional Chinese landscape through the blending of ink and coffee

Date: Jul 11, 12, 25, 26 / Aug 8, 9, 22, 23
Time: 15:00 – 16:30
No. of participates: 10 pax
Venue: ’M Art, Emerald Lobby, MGM COTAI
Suggested age: Age of 12 or above
Admission fee: MOP268*
*Discount Policy

Brewtiful Upcycle x Fuhong Society of Macau

MGM collaborated with Fuhong Society of Macau and launched the Brewtiful Upcycle workshop. Adopting the idea of environmental protection and using the recycled coffee grounds as raw material, you can create your one and only coffee soap and shopping bag!

Unleash your creativity! Let the world understand the importance of environmental protection and the precious natural resources on Earth. Enhancing the awareness of the public on protecting the Earth and also the essence of making good use of natural resources and promoting sustainability.

  • Coffee Soap: Coffee grounds can easily be transformed into new products after some basic processing. Coffee soap is environmentally friendly and ideal for skin exfoliation.
  • Coffee Shopping Bag: Coffee grounds is a natural dye; it is one of the main ingredients for refining brown dyes. With basic tie-dyeing techniques and different household items, you can create your own shopping bag with unique patterns.

Date: July 18, 19
Time: 15:00 – 16:30
No. of participates: 10 pax
Venue: ’M Art, Emerald Lobby, MGM COTAI
Suggested age: Age of 12 or above
Registration fee: MOP280*

The proceeds of the workshop will go to Fuhong Society of Macau for welfare services and to develop services for individual with disabilities.Thank you for your contribution.

*Not valid with any other offer.
*No refund once enrolled.
*Terms and conditions may apply.

*Workshops Terms and Conditions
*Reservation starts on 4 July. For any enquiry or booking, please call (853) 8802 3833 or email to hotelenquiry@mgm.mo approach ’M Art or Concierge counter.

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